Ice Hash

Ice hash
Old time sticks of Ice Hash from over 20 years ago.

Strain: Ice Hash

Ice Hash is made with ice, very cold water, a bucket, special bags for sifting, and silicone mats for collection. Some call it bubble hash because bubble bags are a brand name to the bags used for sifting the frozen THC into micron sections. The science is too freeze your weed so the THC glands are frozen.

How To Make Ice Hash

Ice Hash is fast becoming a common way for anyone to make clean pure hashish.┬áIce and frozen weed are placed in a bucket then topped with super cold water. A stirring action is needed to have the THC heads break off because they’re frozen. The frozen THC heads fall into the mesh bags with different micron sized sections. Therefor different qualities of resulting materials occur. So many methods are shown on YouTube and Facebook. There are people who will help you make this great new product of marijuana extract.